Work priorities

In the framework of two projects within the “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung” funded by the Ministry of Education and Research, BiSE, together with the partner institutions, is developing, coordinating and supporting teacher education in the areas of studies, teaching, training and continuing education, research and quality assurance.

Study & teaching

  • Development and coordination of the content-related processes and administrative procedures connected with teacher education in consultation with the departments, administration and other involved parties
  • Coordination, content-related support and further development of the occupational internships and of the courses offered in the area of educational sciences and teaching methodology in the teacher education programme (Gymnasium)
  • Checking the feasibility of interdisciplinary studies and the comprehensiveness of the interdisciplinary information offered in the area of teacher education
  • Advice for teaching staff and students on matters concerning teacher education, development of corresponding advisory formats and information for students
  • Implementation of digitalization-related teaching in teacher education

Training and continuing education

  • Development and implementation of profession-related training and continuing education with a focus on digitalization


  • Development and implementation of a doctoral programme on school and teaching research
  • Initiation, coordination and support of school- and teaching-related research

Quality assurance

  • Evaluation and optimization of the quality of all application-related measures and of teacher education at the University of Konstanz in terms of structure, processes and results

Networking & presentation